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My awesome therapist

Karen Levy paragraph sign from Marylebone W1

Sometimes you come out of therapy and you have “that lightbulb moment” You know what I mean! The one we expect every time we walk into a therapy session and the one we feel deprived of when we leave. Because as the Americans say ” Not every day is the 4th July.” And unfortunately my Magic Wand goes on walk about a little too much for my liking. Last week my therapist asked me 4 marvellous questions. Yes! I have a therapist! These questions truly made me think. They made me think about some of the things we tell ourselves and the emotions and behaviours that get stirred up as a result.

My memory is not what it was and I could not for the life of me remember the last 3 questions. I pestered him as I searched through the scrambled egg that sometimes resides in my brain and in his inimitable way and with his impeccable boundaries, he made me wait. My low frustration tolerance needs some working on !!!! And finally 10 long days later he reiterated the questions. I finally managed to exhale and the colour returned to my face and the breath to my lungs.

These are the questions:

1. Can you bear it?

2. Is it worth bearing?

3. Are you willing to bear it?

4. Are you going to bear it?

So for now I think it would be worth thinking about question number one. How many times do we tell ourselves ‘We can’t bear it.’ How true is this?????????? Really? Put it into context, sometimes things feel unbearable but are they really? I think you will be surprised at the answer and then you can ask yourself the other 3 questions? You might find yourself having your own lightbulb moment.