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Psychotherapy in Marylebone & Online

‘Nobody, as long as he moves about among the chaotic currents of Life, is without trouble.’
Carl Jung

Explore Healing with a Leading Psychotherapist in Marylebone

In the heart of London, my therapy sessions offer a compassionate approach to mental wellness, directly addressing the stigma often associated with seeking help.

Cultivating Mental Health Awareness

Cultivating mental health awareness is a cornerstone of my approach to psychotherapy. Acknowledging and processing complex emotions such as hurt, guilt, anger, shame, envy, and jealousy is essential to healing and personal growth. With over twenty years of experience and BACP accreditation, I bring depth and understanding to my practice. My expertise in psychodynamic and cognitive behavioural therapies (CBT) is complemented by a compassionate understanding of the intricacies of human emotions. In my care, clients find a dedicated partner in navigating the journey towards emotional resilience and mental well-being.

Personalized Therapy for Complex Emotions

Addressing conditions like anxiety, depression, and personality disorders as well as grief and loss with empathy, Karen’s practice offers a safe and confidential environment for exploring your emotions and finding balance.

Your Sanctuary in Central London

Escape to a tranquil oasis in Marylebone, where every session is a journey towards personal empowerment, guided by my expertise in psychodynamic and cognitive behavioural therapies.

Begin your path to a fuller life with therapy tailored to your needs, and experience the profound changes that come with understanding and managing emotions. I am here to support every step of your journey.

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Emotions from Karen Levy booklet
Emotions from Karen Levy booklet
Stack of magazines focused on mental health topics with visible titles such as Mental Health, Depression, Anxiety, Grief, and Personality Disorder from issues dating Summer 2017 and February 2018, accompanied by a pair of black eyeglasses on top.