Social Media

There is no doubt that through social media and the internet there is so much information for people with mental health problems. It is indeed less stigmatised than it used to be and there is a wealth of support that is easily accessible in the form of blogs and forums.

We live in a time where our lives can be both helped and harmed by the internet and social media, where we sit at a dinner table with our friends and families and their phones. Where our social lives are often shared with not just intimate friends, but with people we hardly know. We paint pictures of the lives we want others to see and we share that. But what of our inner lives? I don’t believe we often share our painful thoughts and emotions. Sometimes when we share a hint of darkness we get less likes. We need to be shiny, or better still, be cute puppies!!!!! So we hide our weary souls behind pretty pictures and trick ourselves into believing that our Facebook and Instagram friends are there for us!