Martha & Wilson

Freud had a love of dogs. Freud also thought that dogs had the ability to read people’s emotional states and were great judges of character. He would assess his patient’s mental states with the help of Jofi, one of his dogs. She would lie relatively near a patient if the patient was calm, whereas she would keep her distance if the patient was anxious. Freud thought that dogs had a calming effect over people (which they do, of course). Recent studies have supported this notion.

I have Martha, who is a white Maltese Terrier. Although I would like to think she is an excellent diagnostician like Freud’s Jofi , I think it would be truer to say, she is a non-judgemental joyful little creature!

Having been asked, practically all of my clients would prefer her in the room. She brings warmth, love, comfort, touch and humour. In times of heightened emotions her presence provides a focus for thought without the additional discomfort of not knowing where to look. If Martha is not in the office, clients are genuinely disappointed !!!!!